Transform & Minimalize Your Home

Learn how to transform your living space into your dream home with the items you already have!

Join us at the Hive Kennedy Town to meet Tara Barot, a Home Design Coach, to refresh your living space by learning the starting steps in building a home that you can look forward to coming back to.

About Tara Barot:

From the age of 7 to 22 years old Tara has moved every year. Her home environment has always been a priority as she never knew how long she would stay, so it needed to feel like home and quick. With this passion, Tara went to obtain her BA Interior Design in the UK. Coming back to Hong Kong, she worked for an Interior Design firm to build up her skills. Before setting up her current business, Tara was working as Interior Designer / Project Manager / Home Stylist on projects for individuals and their home.


Date: 6 Feb 2020
Time:6:30pm – 8:00pm
General admission: $80

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