All-Natural Food Business: An Entrepreneur’s Story

Suphia Ng is founder of Suphia’s Functional foods, and she’ll be sharing her entrepreneurial journey, and why she feels strongly about the importance of believing in what you’re selling.
From suffering MSG intolerance to building her own organic protein bar business, free of harmful additives and chemicals.

She’ll be sharing how organic MSG-free food has changed her life, and about the bitter-sweet ins and outs of setting foot in the local snack market.

Finishing off with a protein bar tasting, Suphia hopes to share the love and care she puts into making her delicious products, and to share how the power of nutritious food can heal in many ways.

🎟 Register here:

📆 Date: 23 July (Thursday)
🕒 Time: 1pm-2pm
📍Where: KT indoor terrace (6/F)

More about Suphia’s Functional foods:

Suphia proudly calls her protein bars “Functional Foods” as each flavour is created with a specific purpose in mind, combined with the wisdom of Chinese medicine and modern nutritional science. Every type of protein bar is tailormade to offer a different benefit for your body.

All protein bars are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and artificial sugar-free.

What you’ll take away from this sharing:

– Tips for food production startups
– Suphia’s personal experience sharing on MSG intolerance
– The benefits of Suphia’s protein bar ingredients
– Protein bar tasting

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