29/01/2019 07:00pm

Everyday Cantonese 101

Have you ever encountered language barrier when shopping in wet markets and ordering food in local restaurants?

Would you like to impress your local friends by speaking their language?

Come and join our Everyday Cantonese 101 to learn some daily used Cantonese phrases, season’s greetings for CNY and anything you would like to know!

RSVP via http://pelago.me/Cantonese101 or

email to kthosts@the hive.com.hk


Ashley Mok & Karina Chang

Ashley and Karina are native Cantonese speakers working at the Hive!

Ask them anything about Cantonese and they will be more than happy to teach you!

They are always at the space so feel free to practice Cantonese with them after classes!

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